This is me!

In the years of my Fashion Design study, I discovered that I used to communicate a lot with colors and shapes as a child. Wearing colorful clothes was my way of expressing myself. In our world now I see so many people who struggle to be themselves or who have difficulty expressing themselves. Through my shapes and images, I try to create a language that everyone can use in his/her/their own way. This language speaks through prints and designs.

I am inspired by abstract themes, such as noise (ruis) and home. To translate this, I use everyday objects that I have around me. Think of drinking glasses, paperclips, architecture, etc. Characteristic in my visual language are the lines that come back in various ways, but also my very own use of color and abstract design language.

Through rich research with many experiments, I develop a diverse number of images that can be applied in many varied ways. For example, as wall art, rugs, prints on clothing, etc.

I believe in designing diverse art and fashion pieces that create a home that renews, uplifts, and inspires to think outside the box.


I am Anne Francesca and this is what I stand for.